Bridgeport School District

Contest Starts Math Frenzy!

Typically, if you yell “fire!!” in a school, everyone will file outside as quickly as possible. Happily, the kind of fire teachers set using MobyMax has just the opposite effect. Say “MobyMax,” and students rush to their desks to start doing as many math problems as possible.

At least that’s what Herminio “Tito” Planas discovered when he used MobyMax to launch “The Great Mathematics Problem Solving Race.” Tito, the Director of Mathematics for Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, already knew how much students and teachers enjoyed using Moby to improve Math skills. Why not ramp up engagement and pit classrooms and schools against each other in a district-wide competition to see who could answer the most math problems correctly? Read more.


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McKitrick Elementary

MobyMax Contest Tool Boosts Student Engagement and Achievement

McKitrick Elementary School teacher Monica Contreras has found the secret to success for helping her third grade students master math: she holds a MobyMax contest.

Mrs. Contreras started using MobyMax several years ago to help her students prepare for the annual Florida Standards Assessment tests. She created a MobyMax Science Challenge that resulted in a 20 percent grade level increase in science among participating students.

When it came time to focus on math, Mrs. Contreras decided to build on the challenge idea and run a MobyMax contest. Why are contests such a great way to motivate students to participate? Because “they love watching their stats go up!” she says. Read more.


McKitrick Elementary MobyMax.png
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Caddo Parish School District

MobyMax Helps Louisiana School District by Streamlining RTI Assessments

When Caddo Parish in Louisiana began to develop a new RTI (Response to Intervention) plan three years ago, officials knew that one of the challenges would be to implement streamlined, reliable diagnostic methods and ongoing assessments. 

They turned to MobyMax and were so thrilled with the results and the price that the nation’s leading K-8 online learning tool soon became an integral part of the district’s RTI strategy. Read more.


MobyMax helps Caddo Parish Streamline RTI Assessments-1.jpg
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McKitrick Elementary 

A fun way to reward students for staying sharp

It did not take long for Monica Contreras to become a MobyMax believer. The third grade teacher at McKitrick Elementary School in Lutz Florida, started with the free version of the leading e-learning platform for grades K-8.

She was hooked, and she knew her fellow teachers would love it as well. Momentum at McKitrick built quickly. 

“I received an email [about MobyMax] in the middle of the year a few years back and tabled it until summer, then researched it,” said Contreras. “I explored the program and signed up.” 

“People that use MobyMax love it. We had eight teachers sign up right away." Read more.

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Sherman Elementary 

The Fun and Free Way to Fight ‘Summer Slide’ – a MobyMax Summer Learning Contest

Keeping students skills sharp all year

The teachers and students at Sherman Elementary School in Comfort, W.Va., fell in love with the MobyMax e-learning platform during an extended period of snow days. 

The personalized, blended curriculum worked so well outside of the classroom that Sherman students actually gained half a grade level in language and grammar, even though the school’s schedule was severely disrupted by weather-related closings. Because of that success, assistant principal Jacob Messer said the educators at Sherman didn't think twice about the best way to help fight summer learning loss... Read more.

MobyMax Summer Learning Sherman Elementary School
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Yerger Middle 

Arkansas School Uses MobyMax to Integrate Special and General Education

Finding the Right Teacher Tool

Special education teachers face a variety of challenges unique to their role within a school. These challenges include creating multiple lesson plans that align with different skill levels and abilities along with measuring progress associated with Individual Education Plans, all while coordinating efforts with general education teachers. Educators like Karen Townsend at Yerger Middle School in Hope, Ark. look for resources to enhance their ability to manage so many responsibilities... Read more.

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Sherman Elementary 

West Virginia School Continues Learning on Snow Days with MobyMax

A Tool for Student-Driven Learning

The successful implementation of technology has quickly become a top priority in schools across the nation. Among these is Sherman Elementary School, located in Comfort, W. Va. Recently, the school adopted MobyMax into its blended learning curriculum to help personalize learning. Already a huge success in the classroom, the school has extended the use of MobyMax outside of the classroom to keep students engaged and learning at home.... Read more.

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Oakmont Elementary 

MobyMax Inspires Tennessee Students to Succeed and Brings Joy Back to Learning

Tennessee’s Dickson County School District was looking to personalize learning for every child with a curriculum resource that would meet students where they were academically, deliver highly targeted instruction, and give teachers information on how their students were progressing for each specific skill. District officials decided to evaluate MobyMax, a complete personalized and blended learning curriculum for K-8 students, and they sought feedback from elementary school teachers. At Oakmont Elementary, teachers quickly were impressed not only with the quality of the program but also with the built-in incentives that motivate students. “The cost of MobyMax was a big factor in our decision,” said RTI coordinator Mary Collins... Read more.


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Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary 

MobyMax Supports A Blended Learnıng Model At Fast Growing Las Vegas Elementary School

Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary School in southwest Las Vegas is growing rapidly with an enrollment approaching 1,200 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Despite its large size, the school is able to meet the needs of every child with the help of an innovative blended learning model—and MobyMax is a key component of this effort. Students spend part of their time working independently online using MobyMax, an online program that quickly identifies students’ skill gaps and automatically assigns lessons based on their individual needs... Read more.

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Screven Elementary 

Georgia Students Get a Jump Start on Math at the Beginning of the School Year

MobyMax Helps Students Gain 6 Months in Grade Level in their First 2 Months of School

Derek von Waldner, a fourth-grade math and science teacher at Screven County Elementary School in Georgia, has only been teaching for two years. But that hasn’t stopped his students from achieving impressive results in Math. That’s because von Waldner is using MobyMax for self-paced and differentiated learning, allowing for personalized instruction that spells success for every student.

As with most classrooms, students in von Waldner’s class range from below to above grade level. That disparity poses achallenge for even the most experienced of teachers, let alonethose who are relatively new. As von Waldner considered strategies that would benefit students at any level, he turned to MobyMax... Read more.

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Oak Heights Elementary

Rural Oregon School Deploys MobyMax to 'Fill the Holes' In Students' Math and Reading Skills

MobyMax Helps Students Increase 1.58 Grade Levels in just 26 hours of use.  

Sweet Home, Oregon is a town of about 9,000 people near the Cascade Mountains in the western part of the state. Like many rural schools, Sweet Home’s Oak Heights Elementary School faces significant challenges. All of its nearly 300 K-6 students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, and many struggle when it comes to reading and math.

“We feel a lot of pressure to bring kids up to grade level by the end of the second grade,” says Tim Swanson, a second-grade teacher who is also the school’s technology coach, “because if we don’t, statistics show they are likely to spend their entire school career below grade level... Read more.

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